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Batur Mountain Climbing for Sunrise

batur mountain climbing for sunrise

Volcano Batur & Sunrise Trekking Tour is the only private tour to make combination between grotourism and culture with orientation and motto “Back to nature”.
Hot Spring at Batur mountain BaliBatur sunrise from top

Our driver will pick up you at 02.00 AM at your hotel lobby for Mount Batur Bali trekking adventure and then We will leave for Penelokan Kintamani, very early in the morning. Round 04.00 o’clock we will go down to the volcano foot to start climbing accompanied by an experience guide, at half way up, we’ll take a rest briefly and around 06,00 AM we will reach the top just in time to see the beautiful sunrise over mount Abang and mount Agung, and on clear days it is also possible to see mount Rinjani in Lombok. While enjoying the sunrise, we will have our simple, breakfast with our special volcanic steam egg’s. On the way down we will have another rest and then we will relax on a hot spring at Toya Bungkah.

Suggested clothing for climbing : sport shoes, coat and long pants.

Batur from the top of Batur mountBali Trekking Tour Programs:

  • 02.00.Hotel pick-up,drive directly to starting point
  • 03.00.Breakfast Banana Pancake with tea or coffee
  • 04.00.From starting point about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mt.Batur accompanied by organization trekking guide
  • 05.00.Stop will be made for short break and drinking water
  • 06.15.Arrive at the peak of Mt.Batur,while waiting the sunrise a packed breakfast will be served with a special volcanic steamed eggs
  • 07.00.Descend the path down to other crater,crater 2 & 3 and last crater erupted on the year of 2000
  • 09.00.Arrive back on the shore of the Lake Batur,drive more further where a stop is made and get cool drink,pick fruitsfrom the trees,enjoy the fresh   organic friuts.
  • 10.00.Drive back to the hotel

Come to Bali and see the real of Bali with our program of Sunrise Active Volcano Hiking at Batur Mount

Rate: USD 70 / person

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