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Jamu Traditional Spa, Bali Spa

Jamu Traditional Spa, Bali Spa.

Jamu Traditional Spa founded in Bali, Indonesia 1988. Small, intimate and luxurious Jamu Spas in Bali are gems of immeasureble value, dedicated to the healing therapies and beauty rituals found in Bali and the tropical island of Indonesia. Jamu, the essense of Indonesial life, honors the passage from birth to old age, by creating sancuaries to provide our guests with the best our creator provides.

Jamu Therapists are trained by professionals at Jamu Spa School, bali first private training centre holding CIBTAC accreditation. Jamu girls are selected from the villages of Bali and scholarships are available

Fresh flowers and leaves, dried roots and exotic spices, local raw honey, coconut milk, seasalt crystals and essential oils and tropical extracts made from nature, organic and pure, all blended together to create products guaranteed to provide intense sensual spa experiences.

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